As much as we love celebrating, in this day and age events fleet past so quickly. Birthdays often have a short shelf life before the next, and special occasions, like weddings and bar mitzvahs, are usually only celebrated for several hours. So, it begs the question, are there ways we can extend these special occasions? Here at the River Rooms we’ve come up with some ideas that’ll have you racing to the City of London to add on different and exciting experiences to your party, before the party officially begins.

Take a cue from Shakespeare

Revered throughout the world as one of the greatest playwrights, his words and sonnets still illuminate and inspire us today. It’s no secret that William Shakespeare loved the City of London and as a result, left a footprint of this life and legacy across the Square Mile. Today, you can follow in his footsteps and discover the City he made his home. From Shakespeare’s Gatehouse to Blackfriars Monastery, you can explore Shakespeare’s London through the City’s walking tour, then party all night in a venue overlooking Shakespeare’s Globe. Or why not take it one step further and throw a birthday celebration in ode to the best-selling fiction author of all time? We’re thinking 16th century Italian décor (including a balcony of course) or perhaps guests arriving in full Elizabethan dress?

A picture-perfect affair

From scenes across the River Thames to historical landmarks and amazing sculptures, the City of London is full of impressive backdrops to capture your celebration perfectly. If you love scenic views, then take a walk along the riverbank. You’ll find iconic landmarks like Tate Modern, The Shard, Millennium Bridge, London Bridge and even the HMS Belfast to name a few.

River Rooms City Of London Celebration

If the scenic route isn’t your thing, then turn your head to Sculpture in the City – an annual sculpture show that uses the urban realm as a rotating gallery space. Featuring magnificent works from internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, Sculpture in the City offers you a treasure trove of backgrounds to capture your celebration photos… don’t just take our word for it, check out their Instagram here –

City of London Celebration Venue

Arrive in style

Whether you choose to march, cycle, or pull up on a Thames cruiser, the City of London has many access points for you to make a dramatic entrance to your party. We’ve found this great piece from Insider London on 10 unusual forms of London transport. Although some of these will take you a little outside of the City of London, our favourite, London Duck Tours, has a dedicated City tour which’ll make your party arrival a quacking one.

Now enter the River Rooms

If you are looking for a City venue that’ll deliver your dream party, then you’ve reached your destination. The River Rooms is a space that you can take over and fill with your exact vision. No matter if you want to add a slice of Shakespeare to your event or after an impressive backdrop, the River Rooms offers spectacular views, a limitless mindset on possibilities and has an accessible location, meaning no matter how you plan to celebrate in the City, we’re just a short distance away.

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