Make Your Party Green at the River Rooms MAKE YOUR PARTY GREEN AT THE RIVER ROOMS

With increasing awareness of sustainability, people are now partying more ethically! Making your party environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices – only substitutions. Here at the River Rooms, we’ve listed our top tips to help you reduce your party’s carbon footprint, meaning you can party with conscience.

It’s all about the décor

Throwing a big party can be a rare occasion. So often decorations bought have a short life and are thrown away once the celebrations are over. Decorating your party can be made greener by substituting in biodegradable balloons, investing in decorations which can be used again, this may be bunting or confetti, choosing products which can be easily recycled, or even better, borrowing from previous party throwers.

We’ve found some great sustainable party decoration ideas on Pinterest, which if you’re feeling super crafty are a great choice! 

Make it edible

A statement wall is a unique way to add your own touch to a room while giving guests a great photo background. You can make your statement wall sustainable by substituting faux flowers for real (ideally potted plants), dried flowers, or even doughnuts – which doubles up as a late-night snack! 

Take a look at #donutwall on Instagram, we’re sure this will be enough to convince you to give it a try at your next party.

Green Parties 

No more single uses

When catering for large numbers, it may seem the obvious choice to use single use plastic cutlery, plates and glasses. It’s proven that these products are harmful to the environment, and because of this, there are many more smarter alternatives available. One main choice to help avoid this wastage, is to choose a venue which provides the tableware for you… PLUS you won’t have to use a plastic bin bag to throw away single use products. 

If you’re looking for your own sustainable tableware, then take a look at these suggestions from Pretty Little Party Shop, they’re eco-friendly and reusable:

A foodie’s feast

Grazing tables have been a major trend for parties and weddings over the last year. Not only are they Insta-worthy, but they can also help lower the carbon footprint of your party. How you ask? Well, compared to a three-course meal, having a charcuterie-style board to feed your guests can help to reduce food waste, and you can use locally sourced produce. Big win for the books, plus you’re able to share the food sourcing story with guests.

Check out @grapeandfig on Instagram for inspiration!

Green Parties in London

With impressive views of London’s iconic landmarks, including The Shard, Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe, the River Rooms is the perfect venue to host your next party and put these sustainability tips into action. 

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